Sunday, 13 May 2012


In November 2010 the local vicar, Robert Sanday, asked for my help in starting a historical society.  We talked about it and I said I would give the scheme my support and take on the job of Secretary, but only until the date of the first annual general meeting, scheduled for May 2012.

The Society is now well established.   I have arranged a programme of talks up to and including December of this year and my job is done,  so at the first AGM, held on 10 May, I stood down as Secretary and as a member of the committee.

I will be keeping in touch with the Society and the Rev. Rovert Sanday - who was unanimously re-elected as Chairman - has my full support, but the Society is grown up now and can go its own way, which appears to be a path taking it along purely local history and not the broad horizons once visualised and which I personally favoured, but if that is what the people want then that is what they will be getting.

I will not be going far away as I am currently involved in sounding out the feasibility of a Southampton branch of the Military Historical Society,(of which I am a member),  have been asked by a couple of local ex Scouts (I also am an ex Scout)  if there is any possibility of a local 'Gilwell Reunion' later this year - it has found favour with a few ex Guides and I rather like the idea.

 I am  the local representative for SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Families Association), so I will still be around.   You don't get rid of me that easy.

I do not know where we go to with this blog as I do not see anybody else coming forward to keep it up.  For the time being I will leave it open and perhaps add to it from time to time as news of the Lords Hill and Lords Wood Historical Society comes my way.

Then again, if Southampton City Council go ahead with some ideas they are kicking around and do start a social group at Manston Court, then I just might hi-jack this blog and point it in that direction if I get involved there.  Just have to wait and see how it goes.

It has given me great satisfaction to have played a major part in getting the LHS to where it is now, but it is time for others to take over and go forward from here.  I wish them well.

John Gurney
13 May 2012

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