Wednesday, 28 September 2011

History and the present day community

A great article  'History has role in helping present day community' by Keith Hamilton in the Daily Echo for Monday 26 September, which hopefully will soon be available in the papers archives, but for those of you not lucky enough to receive our  local newspaper for the south of England, our Society received a very good review, ending with the words:
John, who lives at Kinloss Court said "We would like to give talks on subjects of local history at sheltered housing complexes in the area.
"So, whilst there is a regular meeting of our members on the second Monday of every month, there is also much going on in support of charitable organisations and in assisting Southampton City Council in their programme of relieving the social isolation of the elderly"

We are of course, first and foremost, a Society dedicated to an interest in history in all its forms but with an accent on local history, but are also very happy to give  our support to the worthy causes of SSAFA, Sue Ryder, and as a prospect for the future trying to tie it all in together with helping people who come in off the street and appeal for help at our local church - it happens about once a week.      Right now little more can be done than to give such people a meal and a chance to rest awhile;  it would be great if a shower could be installed at the church hall,  and who knows, perhaps Sue Ryder may find the odd garment or two surplus to requirements.....and perhaps  we can make a plan along the way to find temporary shelter where it is needed.........

Keith indeed has it right, Societies such as ours can and do play a part in the community.   Our Society still has a long way to go along that path, but we are on our way, and to get back to Sue Ryder, there will be a talk at Weston Court, Kingscleare Avenue, Southampton, SO19 9LB on Friday 14 October starting at 10.30 a.m.
The speaker will be Julie Patterson of the Sue Ryder History and Legacy Team, and as the founder of the charity was  'Baroness Ryder of Warsaw' in recognition of her outstanding work in war torn Warsaw during and after WW2, then if Julie allows it I will, during the morning,  give a ten minute spiel on Warsaw's 'Sue Ryder Park', a really lovely garden dedicated to her memory.        I have not advertised  my possible participation on the fliers which have gone out, as I don't want to put the customers off.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

10 October Meeting - Voices of Southampton

A reminder that on Monday 10 October the prize winning author Penny Legg will be talking to us about her latest book 'Voices of Southampton', a collection of anecdotes from a wide range of Southampton people whose stories are sure to strike a chord in many a  memory, and be of interest to all us Hampshire Hogs.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

November programme

There has been a change in the November programme, with the talk on SSAFA now scheduled for February 2012 which will mark the start it going  on tour (with a bit of help from us)  round other locations in Southampton, and in its place in November will be  a talk by the Rev. Robert Sanday on 'The Roman Roads of Hampshire', or perhaps better described as  'Life in Roman Hampshire' - let's call that the sub-title.

Before Robert's talk I will give a short one on 'Was Hillary the first to climb Everest in 1953'  when we will look at the possibility that Mallory was the first in 1924, and examine  the possibility he perished on the way down from the summit and not on his way up.

Stay tuned in  for further updates.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sue Ryder Cares - She Really Does

OK, so I know I am out of date and it is no longer 'Sue Ryder Care', just 'Sue Ryder', but I don't care, because it was very evident during Julie Patterson's talk to us that the spirit of that magnificent woman Sue Ryder lives on, and she really DOES care.  So call me old fashioned if you like, I simply don't care.

Our thanks to Julie for a really great presentation, during which I think we all learned things about the Sue Ryder organisation we simply did not even begin to guess at,  or understand what a wide field they cover in bringing help and care where it is most needed.

Thanks Julie,  we will catch up again soon.


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Field Day. Friday 9 September

In a hired bus fourteen members of the Society had a day out on Friday 9 September, when we visited Calshot Castle,  Ashlett Creek, where we admired the Tide Mill and had an excellent lunch at the nearby 'Jolly Sailor' pub, before rounding  the day off with a visit to Beaulieu Church and Abbey where we were met by the resident Vicar who gave us a short talk before handing over to our Chairman, the Rev. Robert Sanday.

It was a great day out in great company, and so very well arranged by Robert, who had looked after every small detail, and gave a running commentary throughout on the history of the New Forest and places we visited.

Thank you, Mister Chairman, for a truly memorable day, and you even arranged for the sun to shine all day.  Brilliant.

John G.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sue Ryder - The Heart of the Community

I was so impressed with the Sue Ryder History and Legacy people, I have volunteered to join them and will be arranging venues for a series of talks around Southampton, and provide logistical support as necessary.

On 12 September the Sue Ryder team will talk to our history society at Manston Court, when I will be wearing my LHS hat,   then a swift change of hats for a talk at Weston Court on 14 October, and then to Bassett Green at the end of November/early December (Date still to be finalised)., and lots of other places in 2012.  It is going to be a busy year.

Having been the Lordshill Representative of SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Families Association) for over five years,  I will also be wearing a SSAFA hat  and following a similar route with talks throughout 2012, starting with the one to be delivered to LHS at Manston court on 14 November when we will receive a visit from Mr. Bruce Hartnell, Secretary of   SSAFA. Southampton Division

This blog is of course about the Lords Hill and Lords Wood Historical Society so I will try to keep to the point, but the other people just might creep in now and again, and again, and again.....

To recap on our future programme:  
12. Sep.      The life of Lady Sue Ryder, OBE, and the work of Sue Ryder  Care.
10. Oct.      Penny Legg will talk to us about her latest book "Voices of Southampton"
14. Nov      The Story of SSAFA
 12. Dec     The origins of Santa Claus, and Christmas round the world
  9 .Jan        Mulberry Harbour: Parts played by Southampton, Portsmouth,  Gosport, and Hayling Island.

Some interesting things in the pipe-line for 2012, but more about them nearer the time.

Bye for now,

John Gurney.